Multimodal transport :

ALIMAR provides multimodal transport for all types of goods and is apt to assist you with your shipments by sea, air, and road. This type of operation is defined by the combination of at least two means of transportation so that the goods arrive at their destination.
The longer the distance, the more crucial the role of multimodal transport. Combined transport is the best way to face the challenges that transport between faraway destinations.
Each means of transport offers its advantages and its limitations, at ALIMAR, we ensure an optimal solution that will optimize time and costs as much as possible.


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For the transition between different means of transport to be as smooth as possible, multimodal transport needs a certain uniformity. That's where the specific containers come in, allowing the cargo to be transported in at least two means of transport without handling it.

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The Specific Containers For Transporting The Cargo

Bulk container:

has openings for top loading, as well as in the lower areas, for easy emptying.

Tank container or tank:

suitable for bulk liquid transport, as well as liquefied gas.

Side-opening or open-side container:

has an opening on the side, making it easier to enter bulky goods, such as heavy machinery, pipes, etc. 

Flat platform:

is a platform without a roof or sidewalls, ideal for transporting goods that are too large to be loaded in a container. It is covered with a sturdy tarp.

Open top half-height container:

is open at the top and its height is lower than normal. This type of container is widely used to transport very heavy and bulky goods such as minerals.